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Prof. Steinkraus has been a dermatologist for almost 40 years. He not only has an enormous amount of knowledge, but also the gift of explaining the skin - including active ingredients and how they work. In this podcast episode, Prof. Steinkraus explains what retinol is (vitamin A) and what other ingredients and active ingredients you need. Teaser: There are not many! One hour of skincare talk and Hanna is sure: everyone learns something here, whether skincare junkie or newbie! Have fun with this cultivated conversation!

Cultivated conversations - the beauty podcast by and with Hanna Schumi. Personal, critical and always honest. Hanna is a beauty blogger, art director and founder of one of the first beauty blogs in Germany: formerly foxycheeks, now hannaschumi.com. Hanna talks to her guests about current beauty topics and everything related to them. Are the prejudices about cosmetic surgery true? Which skin care really helps? And what is natural cosmetics? Hanna shares her insider knowledge with you, talks about her experiences with supposed miracle products and gets tips and advice from experts from the beauty industry - far away from empty advertising promises. Normally, Hanna conducts these conversations in private. Now you also get something out of it when Hanna talks to cosmetic surgeons, perfumers, dermatologists, fellow bloggers and the brains behind beauty brands every other Monday.