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The right skincare routine for sensitive skin

Empfindliche Haut reagiert auf verschiedenste Einflüsse mit Irritationen – Juckreiz, Spannungsgefühl, Rötungen oder Schuppenbildung sind häufige Begleiterscheinungen der Hypersensitivität, die Betroffenen zu schaffen machen kann. Worauf genau empfindliche Haut reagiert, kann völlig unterschiedlich sein. 

Deshalb ist der beste Weg zumeist, auf potenziell reizende Inhaltsstoffe vollständig zu verzichten. Das Pflegekonzept von Prof. Dr. Steinkraus schließt kritische Inhaltsstoffe, die für die Haut keinen wirklichen Zweck erfüllen und potenziell reizend sind, von vornherein aus. Deshalb findet sich im Produktsortiment von Prof. Dr. Steinkraus auch die richtige Pflege für empfindliche Haut.  

The causes of sensitive skin

Sometimes sensitive skin is simply a matter of predisposition. Genetic factors, for example, can cause the skin to react to various substances with a reddening. This is usually referred to as chronic sensitive skin. However, the sensitivity does not have to be congenital - sensitive skin can also occur temporarily or be due to certain other causes. A characteristic feature of sensitive skin is that its natural protective barrier is disturbed. This can have various reasons. The following factors can be named as examples for sensitive skin:

  • Environmental factors such as cold, heating air or sunlight.
  • Skin diseases such as couperose, acne or dermatitis
  • Treatments such as peelings, laser sessions or microneedling.

Sensitive skin or allergic skin?

Sensitive skin is often equated with allergic skin, as similar symptoms can appear: The skin burns, tightens or even pimples, wheals and scales form. In allergic skin, there is necessarily a substance that immunologically sensitises the skin. The resulting skin reaction is called an allergy. If the skin is sensitive overall, this usually corresponds to a high sensitivity or irritability without an allergy being present. An allergic skin reaction always improves by omitting the allergenic substance. A skin that is sensitive by nature, on the other hand, often cannot be soothed by anything. It reacts to even the smallest stimuli without an allergy being present. In summary, sensitive skin usually has the following characteristics:

  • Very easily irritated
  • Strong reaction to external influences, such as temperature, sun or cosmetics
  • Increased tendency to blemishes, redness, swelling and scaling
  • May be dry or oily

Care for sensitive skin: a sample routine

Sensitive skin is particularly dependent on mild formulations that do not irritate it. Accordingly, care products should not contain fragrances and other critical additives that must be declared. In addition, it is worthwhile to pay attention to ingredients that rebuild the acid mantle of the skin and thus strengthen the skin barrier. Prof. Dr. Steinkraus offers the following options for sensitive skin:

  • (04) Cleansing Gel
    Gentle cleansing without over-drying the skin is an important basis of the skin care routine. Sensitive skin in particular does not tolerate aggressive cleansing gels well, which is why a mild yet effective product should be used here.
  • (05) Hyaluron Serum
    Hyaluronic acid helps to rebuild the skin barrier and to supply the skin with moisture down to its deeper layers. At the same time, it supports the regeneration of the skin.
  • (01) Face Care Light/(02) Face Care Medium/(03) Face Care Rich
    As the acid mantle is permeable in sensitive skin, irritations are all too common. With a face cream for sensitive skin that is tailored to your skin's individual needs, the skin barrier can be effectively supported. Thanks to our three different options, the richness of the care can be chosen according to need.

Cleansing Gel

€ 30,00

(04) Cleansing Gel
(04) Cleansing Gel
(04) Cleansing Gel

€ 82,00

Hyaluron Serum

(05) Hyaluron Serum
(05) Hyaluron Serum
(05) Hyaluron Serum

Face Care Medium

(02) Face Care Medium
(02) Face Care Medium
(02) Face Care Medium

€ 62,00