Hyaluron or hyaluronic acid is one of the most interesting active substances in the connective tissue of our body. One gram of hyaluron can bind more than one litre of water, which makes hyaluron one of the most important active substances for moisture retention and thus for the suppleness of an organ. This is particularly relevant for the skin, as the largest part of the skin belongs to the dermis, which is predominantly composed of connective tissue.

Hyaluron was discovered in 1934 by the German physician Karl Meyer in the vitreous body of the eye, which is where the name (hyalos, Greek for glass) comes from. Today, hyaluron can be produced flawlessly and crystal clear by biotechnological means. Since it is an endogenous product that imitates biological mechanisms (water storage), hyaluron can also be called a biomimetic (mimetic = imitator). Therefore, the risk of allergies is almost ruled out.

Hyaluron is not - as so often claimed - an anti-aging product. Hyaluron is a classic sprinter, which always provides more moisture in the skin in the short term, which makes the skin smoother and plumper, as small wrinkles disappear in the short term (as long as the moisture remains bound). Hyaluron is therefore a moisture booster that should not be missing in any bathroom cabinet.

Together with the long-distance runners vitamin A and vitamin C, hyaluron provides excellent services for the skin. Vitamin A and vitamin C promote collagen formation from different sides and hyaluron provides moisture.

Hyaluron exists in different molecule sizes. Ideal is a composition of short-, medium- and long-chain hyaluronic acid molecules that accumulate at different levels of the skin and thus cover the entire cross-section of the skin.

»A lot« helps a lot.

The hyaluronic acid concentration used should also be as high as possible because in the case of hyaluronic acid »a lot« also helps a lot, which is usually not the case with potentially irritating substances. Here, »a lot« is often the wrong way to go. Not so with hyaluron. The 2.5% we use is a very high concentration, which makes the product unique.