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Hand Cream and Body Lotion

Hand care

No region of our skin is as mechanically stressed and exposed to the strains of frequent contact with water or cleansing as the skin on our hands. In the history of human development, biology has taken precautions here and equipped the skin of the hands to be particularly robust.

On the palms of the hands, the cornea is thick and the skin here has a ridged pattern - on the back of the hands, the skin is somewhat thinner, but still thicker than on the rest of the body. Here it has a field pattern.

A single washing is no problem for the skin of the hands, even if detergents are used that not only cleanse the skin, but also remove protective lipids through the washing process. With a corresponding predisposition (e.g. atopic eczema), with stressful activities, through dry cold, frequent hand washing or simply through ageing processes, the skin barrier on the hands quickly decompensates. This leads to dryness and, if necessary, to small cracks that are unpleasant and sometimes painful.

Hand care with an appropriate cream is essential in these cases. Ideally, hand cream should be applied directly after washing the hands, as the water-saturated skin can absorb the cream better. Hand creams are often over-greased or so light that they lack the nourishing effect. Prof. Dr. Steinkraus' hand cream hits the middle ground here. It is rich, but still absorbs well. With ingredients such as vitamin E, squalane, shea butter, sunflower oil, rye and heather extracts, this cream, specially formulated for stressed hands, nourishes the skin of the hands particularly effectively when used regularly, making it supple, restoring the barrier and repairing minor skin damage with lasting effect.

Body care

The skin of the body is often neglected. Due to the daily cleansing of the whole body and the influence of the weather (e.g. cold outdoor temperatures or dry and overheated indoor rooms) or possibly also due to irritating and occluding clothing (e.g. knee socks), the skin of the body is also exposed to various external stresses.

Especially in regions where the density and activity of the sebaceous glands is low or absent (e.g. on the lower legs), the body skin quickly becomes scaly and dry, which can also lead to dehydration eczema. Due to genetic predisposition or ageing in general, these processes also come to the fore here - analogous to the hands.

Regular application of Prof. Dr. Steinkraus' Body Lotion (12), which contains urea, squalane, shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax as well as rye and heather extracts, helps the skin to win the daily little battles and remain supple and well cared for. The hint of a citrus note makes creaming and using this wellness product an experience for the skin.


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