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Launch of my
new skincare line

Today, on the 1st of November 2021, the time has finally come. After years of preparation, my project for my own skincare line goes online. The line represents what I think makes sense - not finished by a long shot - but well on its way.

Ingredients come and go. A few stay, many go. Skincare strategies and concepts are also dynamic. They are always subject to new findings from research and development and have to prove themselves in daily practice. Not everything that is new is good. Only what works is good. Even with our packaging, not everything is perfect - yet we are already working hard on it.

In the past, cosmetics were supposed to cleanse, care and protect. In the meantime, the bar has been raised considerably. Cosmetics should not only cleanse, care and protect, but also regenerate, activate and improve the structure and function of our skin. Certain substances such as vitamins A and C can achieve this. Their effect should neither be overestimated nor underestimated. Skincare is a long-distance run. It takes years to know whether you have done everything right.

»Skincare is not a luxury, but a commodity.«

Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus

The price-performance ratio must be right. Cosmetics that are only made for a small part of the population are not credible. This is what distinguishes skincare from fashion. Fashion is not something to need, but to dream about. Skincare is not something to dream about, but to need. Skincare does not have to be cheap, but affordable, and skincare has to reflect the knowledge of our time, where everything has to be simple, clear and well-structured.

Ich habe Jahrzehnte gebraucht, um die Haut zu verstehen und lesen zu können. Mit meiner Wirkstoffformel TetCode4 habe ich versucht, Substanzen aus vier verschiedenen Stoffklassen (1) vitamins (2) niacin (3) botanicals and (4) biomimetics in ein einfaches und wirkungsvolles Anwendungskonzept für jede Haut zu überführen - A Unifying Concept of Skincare - nicht mehr und nicht weniger.

I hope you and your skin enjoy TetCode4®.

Prof. Dr. Steinkraus