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There is a particularly sensitive or even hypersensitive skin that reacts immediately to many external and internal influences with redness, burning, a feeling of heat, irritation or even discomfort. This skin type is not clearly defined scientifically. What is certain is that this skin type does not tolerate many cleansing products, creams, ointments, lotions or serums.

Interestingly, the stimuli that lead to the symptoms described can also be of a physical nature (e.g. sun, heat, cold, wind, friction, contact with water). In most cases, however, it is an intolerance to externally applied products. Occasionally, foods (e.g. citrus fruits) or food additives (e.g. spices, flavour enhancers or preservatives such as sulphites or benzoates) can also be among the triggering causes.

The main characteristic of sensitive skin is that it is extremely easily irritated. The substances that trigger these skin irritations act as irritants. In contrast to allergies, which are immunologically mediated, e.g. by white blood cells (lymphocytes) after a phase of sensitisation, irritations cannot be assigned to a classic mechanism of action. It is therefore an intolerance or intolerance that cannot be described in more detail. Irritants, similar to allergy-causing substances, can also have a crescendo effect on skin changes, i.e. become more severe and unpleasant over time.

Es ist schwierig, für den sensiblen bzw. überempfindlichen Hauttyp das passende Pflegeprodukt zu finden.

Häufig genügt schon ein leichtes Missverhältnis zwischen wässrigen und öligen Inhaltsstoffen eines Produktes, um die Haut zu reizen. Die sensible Haut muss daher »in Watte gepackt werden« und die Auswahl der Ingredienzen muss extrem sorgfältig erfolgen. Auf klassische Emulgatoren, fettreiche pflanzliche Öle, bestimmte Konservierungsstoffe oder Duftstoffe sollte nach Möglichkeit verzichtet werden.

Die sensible Haut braucht in aller Regel eine besonders leichte Pflege mit Inhaltsstoffen, die beruhigend, antientzündlich, Barriere-stabilisierend und leicht kühlend wirken.


With his Sensitive Serum (15) from the TetCode4 skincare range, Prof. Dr Steinkraus has developed a particularly light product that covers all the requirements of a skincare product for particularly sensitive skin and can be ideally combined with any other skincare product.