icon (14) Triple Peel - Prof. Dr. Steinkraus
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Nothing refreshes the skin more and helps it better with its constant renewal processes than regular exfoliation.

This removes old dead skin cells and skin flakes so that nothing stands in the way of the skin's refreshment and cell replacement processes - with which the epidermis gives itself a new face every 4 weeks.

Supporting this cellular »turnover« makes dermatological sense and is cosmetically desirable, as all active ingredients and all applied care substances can now reach their destination - the healthy skin freed of ballast - directly, without having to fight their way to the destination beforehand.

In the new (14) Triple Peel by Prof. Dr. Steinkraus, these three approaches have been combined, creating an impressive synergism that makes the peel particularly effective with a single application. A careful selection of ingredients and the right choice of active ingredient concentrations result in a finely balanced overall formula for a great peeling experience that can be ideally integrated into any skincare programme, whether used once or twice a week.


This leads to an excellent peeling result that refreshes and purifies the skin and prepares it for all further treatment and care steps.

The length of the peel (usually 1-5 minutes) and the individually controllable pressure applied with the hands allow the (14) Triple Peel to be precisely controlled for every user, every skin type and every routine programme.